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Year of the Bear – Gold Rushin’


Limited to only 250 copies worldwide, this jangly, spaced-out psychedelic masterpiece features fantastic sleeve art by Devin Selby, plus, this vinyl comes with a free digital download coupon! Mastered by TW Walsh (Sufjan Stevens, The Shins, Cold War Kids).

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“Year of the Bear has been around for a while but has finally arrived. Gosh, the trio of Josh “the bear” Browning and the husband-and-wife team of Jennifer and Robby Rux has got this psychedelic-rock thing down. And I’m not talking about Phish/Widespread/let’s-do-a-bunch-of-drugs-and-solo-forever psych-rock.
I mean the genre in its purest, most original form. I mean The Velvet Underground. But, y’know, with musicians who know how to sing OK. And play their instruments pretty well. And not do heroin.”

— Fort Worth Weekly